Slate Tile

Bring nature indoors with our beautiful range of 12" x 12" Slate floor tiles. Shop the best deals online for quality Multicolor Slate, Black Slate and Quartzite tile. Slate is a fine grained, porous stone that is mostly gray. Its natural beauty is enhanced by various minerals throughout the stone that cause variations in color and texture. Most slate tile has a split face, meaning the stone has an irregular texture from the quarry that makes it an ideal non-slip tile for floors. The back of the tile is machine cut for an easy, uniform installation.


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Types of Slate Tile

Multicolor Slate has a lot of color variation and a rustic, warm effect when installed. The colors can range from gray to green, brown, beige and rusty red, and often form streaks in the stone.

Black Slate has an even, uniform black color that gives it a refined, stylish look. Black slate can be used in both Traditional and Modern interior designs. The black color is enhanced by the interesting texture of the irregular surface.

Quartzite is a type of slate that has a more uniform appearance, but still has variations of color from green, to light brown. It has fewer mineral streaks than Multicolor Slate and in some installations resembles granite.

How to Order Slate Tile

Start your design process by ordering some Tile Samples. Variations in color and veining are part of the natural beauty of Slate Tile. Since Slate is a stone material that can have a wide range of colors, we recommend ordering at least three Tile Samples of the Multicolor Slate to see how the colors will vary. You could also order more than one sample of Black Slate and Quartzite to be aware of any color variation before placing your final order. Professional sealing of Slate tile is recommended after installation.Browse our collection of Slate Tile and we know you’ll appreciate its natural beauty. Ordering is easy - just click to shop, and your beautiful Slate Tile is on the way.