Teakwood Mosaic

Add weathered, vintage style to your space with our amazing collection of antique Reclaimed Wood Plank mosaic panels. Our unique Wood Mosaic Tiles are made of teak planks from vintage Chinese fishing boats. Now transformed into Reclaimed  Wood Mosaic tile on a mesh backing,  these Antique and Vintage Wood Planks can be used to create amazing accent walls, floors, backsplashes, and tub surrounds.  Use them anywhere you want to add Barn Wood style to your home or business.  Vintage and Reclaimed wood can be hard to find and install. Our Reclaimed Teak Mosaic Tiles make featuring Antique Wood in your home fast and easy.


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How to Add Reclaimed Wood to Your Project

Reclaimed Wood Mosaic Tiles bring pattern, texture and warmth wherever they're used.  Try refacing a plain drywall fireplace in our Chevron Pattern, or use the Antique Barn planks vertically to create a welcoming entry wall.  A Random Plank design will add texture to a wall in a Mid-Century home.   Bring in some dimension and worn paint effects with our Aspen Lodge 3D Panels.   Barn Wood Accent walls are a popular way to add rustic flair to a home redesign.  Our Antique Barn and Heritage Plank mosaics are just what your Modern Farmhouse design is wanting.  Always on-trend, Chevron  mosaic adds graphic pattern to a backsplash or wall,  and it works beautifully in either a Rustic or Modern space.

How to Order

Start your design process by ordering samples.  You'll want to be able to see an actual tile with your paint colors and other elements of your design scheme.  Samples also let you see variations in color.   Reclaimed Wood has variations in tone that are appreciated for the natural beauty they add to a room.  The sizes and shapes of the patterns also create different effects, so if you're interested in more than one design, order a sample of each.

Our unique collection of Reclaimed Teak Wood Mosaic Tiles offers amazing possibilities for your interior design. Ordering is easy - just click to shop, and your  Reclaimed Wood Mosaic Tile is on the way.