Create beautiful marble tiled bathrooms and kitchens using our Marble and Onyx Crown Molding, Base Molding and Pencil Tile Trim. Choose a polished finish for Traditional shine or Modern glamor. A honed surface enhances a Minimalist or Rustic design. Add some drama with our Greek Key Marble Border, or Scroll Pattern Marble Border. Mosaic Marble Borders can be used on a backsplash, on an accent wall, or to enhance floor designs.


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Pencil Molding

Pencil Molding made from Stone, Marble or Onyx is used to divide different tile patterns in a design. It's finished on three sides, so it can be used to edge a backsplash or shower. Pencil moldings are transition pieces between tiled and drywalled areas.

Crown Molding

Onyx, Stone and Marble Crown Molding resemble crown molding designs in carpentry. They're used to cap the top of tiled walls, or as a picture frame around an accent tile. They can also serve as transition pieces between tiled and drywalled areas.

Base Molding

Onyx, Stone and Marble Base Molding pieces are used as baseboards in a tiled room. They act as a transition between a tiled wall and the floor. They can also be used in backsplash designs.

How to Use Marble or Onyx Molding and Borders

Adding Marble Base Molding and Marble Crown Molding to your Marble Tile walls creates an impressive fully-tiled design. Accent a wall area with Marble Mosaic Tile, and surround it with a Mosaic Border framed in Pencil Liner and Marble Crown Molding. Marble and Onyx Moldings can be combined in a myriad of ways with Mosaic Tiles, Mosaic Borders and Field Tiles.

How to Order

Start your design process by ordering samples. With Marble Moldings, a sample is one tile. This gives you a large enough sample to see the variations in color and veining, which are part of the natural beauty of Marble Tile. The surface finish also affects the appearance of marble, so if you’re not sure whether you prefer polished, brushed, or honed Marble Tile, order a sample of each. If you're combining the mosaic with a field tile such as one of our Subway Tiles or Rectangle Tiles, be sure to order a sample of those as well. Browse our collection of white Marble and Onyx Molding, and we know you’ll find something to love. Ordering is easy - just click to shop, and your beautiful Marble or Onyx Molding is on the way.

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