Mosaic Tile

Create your dream shower or kitchen backsplash using our inspiring selection of mosaic tiles in all of your favorite patterns. Many of our mosaic tile sheets can be used as shower tile or on bathroom floors, too. 2" x 4" Brick Patterns, Basketweave Designs, Herringbone and Chevron Patterns, and the popular Moroccan Arabesque.  Use our Random Strip Patterns to evoke a trendy,  Mid-Century vibe. Style your shower floor with accents of  Mini-Square and Penny Round Mosaics. Create a dramatic focal point with the artistically blended stones in one of our precision Waterjet Mosaic Designs.  Think outside the box too - our gorgeous Mosaic Tile Collection can be used on floors, fireplaces, or accent walls too.


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Mixed and Specialty Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles for kitchen backplash and shower wall tiles aren't limited to a single type of material. Some of the most beautiful Mosaic Tile Designs mix Glass and Stone, Glass and Metal, Onyx, Teak Wood, Patterned Glass, Antique Mirror or Polished and Honed Marble.  Waterjet Mosaic Tile is cut so accurately, that marble and glass combine almost seamlessly. Stacked Tile Patterns and Random Strip Mosaics mingle glass, metal, and stone for an artistic blend of texture and dimension.   Nature and rustic charm become the focal point when you incorporate our Reclaimed Vintage Wood Tiles.

Tile Borders and Moldings

Create amazing bath and kitchen designs with our stone Mosaic Borders in Greek Key and Scroll Designs. Marble Crown Molding, Base Tile and Pencil Liners add the finishing touches to your fully tiled bathroom.  A beautiful Mosaic Border can accent a floor design, or frame a special tile pattern on a feature wall.

How to Order

Start your design process by ordering samples.  You'll want to be able to see an actual tile with your paint colors and other elements of your design scheme.  Samples also let you see variations in the color of marble and stone.  Choices of Polished, Honed and Brushed finishes make a difference in the look of the finished project.  The sizes and shapes of the patterns also create different effects, so if you're interested in more than one design, order a sample of each. Our unique collection of Mosaic Tiles offers amazing possibilities for your interior design.  Ordering is easy - just click to shop, and your  Reclaimed Wood Mosaic Tile is on the way.

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