Remembering and Honouring: The Meaning of Memorial Day in America

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Every year at the end of May, the United States of America observes Memorial Day with a sense of solemnity and affection. On this day, we not only enjoy the sunshine and holidays of late spring and early summer, but more importantly, we remember and honour with deep respect those heroes who gave their lives for our country and our freedom. Our hearts are with those brave souls on this special day.

Origin of Memorial Day
Memorial Day originated in the United States after the Civil War. 5 May 1868, the Grand Army of the Republic, an organisation of veterans of the Northern Army, declared 30 May ‘Decoration Day’, a day to decorate with flowers. Decoration Day’ to decorate the graves of soldiers with flowers. Over time, the day became a national day of remembrance, and in 1971 it was officially designated a federal holiday, renamed Memorial Day, in honour of all U.S. military personnel who have died in war.

A way to remember and honour
There are many ways to show our respect and gratitude on this special day:

Participate in commemorative events: commemorative parades, ceremonies, and memorial services are held across the country. Participating in these events not only provides us with a deeper understanding of history, but also allows us to join with others who share the same respect for those brave souls.

Visit places of remembrance: Go to national cemeteries, war memorials, etc. and personally lay bouquets of flowers for those unsung heroes, observe a moment of silence, and feel their greatness and sacrifices with our hearts.

Educate and share: Learn more about the history of war and stories of bravery by reading books, watching documentaries or films. Share these stories with family and friends so that more people will remember and respect these heroes who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Many people choose to show their appreciation for veterans and military families by participating in community service to help them on this day. This tangible action not only spreads warmth, but also gives us a greater understanding and respect for those who have served our country.

The Meaning of Remembering
Memorial Day is not only a remembrance of the deceased soldiers, but also a reminder to the living. Freedom and peace are not easy to come by, and everything we enjoy today was made possible by the lives of countless brave soldiers. Remembering their sacrifices is a reminder to ourselves to cherish the present moment and every peaceful day.

Special events at TILE&TOP Independent Station
As an e-commerce platform, we also want to honour these great heroes in our own way. On this Memorial Day, we will launch a series of special events on the TILE&TOP independent website:

Public Service Donation: For every order, we will donate a portion of the amount to support the welfare and life improvement of veterans and their families.
Customer Sharing Campaign: Customers are invited to share their Memorial Day stories and photos, and selected touching stories will be featured on our blog and social media platforms with special awards.
On this solemn day, let us all remember and honour the heroes who gave their lives for freedom. Through our actions, we will convey respect and gratitude so that their sacrifices will always be remembered.

Thank you to each and every service member who has served and is serving in the service of our country and freedom, and may your spirit live on!